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Jacob Bek appoints Alicante Studios Advertising & Video Production Agency.

Danish Home and Commercial Furniture Retailer Jacob Bek appoints Alicante Studios Digital Agency.

Digital Creative and Performance Agency Alicante Studios has announced that it has been appointed by Danish Home and Commercial Furniture Retailer Jacob Bek.

The brief is to create a Brand and Website that will be super engaging and successful to sell their high volume products.

Alicante Studios has a strong and successful background in Furniture Retailing across Europe.

Digital and Creative Agency Alicante Studios was chosen due to its strong track record in delivering consistent results across Europe in Furniture Retailing.

Evidenced by its work with the hugely successful Marcel Olsen Brand.

Alicante Studios said: “We are delighted to announce our new working relationship with Jacob Bek”.

We are so excited that Jacob Bek has chosen us to launch a new and exciting model range across Europe.

Jacob Bek said: “We immediately felt an affinity with Alicante Studios, as a family business with nearly 50 years experience they presented a ‘time scale schedule’ of projects that focus on our expansion objectives,  and they detailed how they will achieve sales and the development of our Brand”.

Jacob Bek…“We are excited to be working with Alicante Studios”.

Jacob Bek added: “ Alicante studios has a wealth of experience and a really smart team who are full of ideas”.

“Almost immediately they understood our business, philosophy and ambitions. Future campaigns have been ‘time lined’ and the benefits of having a 24/7 Project Director available to exchange views and ideas at any time has paid massive premiums”.