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Have your Google Ads been Suspended?

Have your Google Ads been Suspended?


Right away your Company is deprived from making sales and your income dies.

Google Ads represent over 90% of all advertising so there is nowhere else to go.

Google Ads are the number one e-commerce marketing tool in the world.

Believe me you are in serious trouble and every minute you are suspended is a step nearer insolvency.


You always pay for your ads account, so why have Google Suspended your Google Ads Account?


You will not like this but Google is trying to protect us all.

There are so many scammers who use Google to con people.

Google invests billions of dollars preventing scammers from infiltration.

We should be grateful that Google is prepared to spend a huge amount of money protecting us from scammers, albeit this is not your first thought when you have just been suspended .


When Google casts their huge net to catch scammers they sometimes do mistakenly catch legitimate businesses.


Legitimate businesses sometimes contravene Google’s policies and are suspended.

Suspension immediately takes away your Google Ads Account.

Google will not give a specific reason why they suspend an account so it is almost impossible to find out exactly why your account is suspended.

For many companies who did nothing illegal or malicious very quickly realise reinstatement is out of their control and an expert is required.


“Suspicious Payment Activity” or “Circumventing Systems” are the main headings for suspension but what exactly do they mean?


You can read Google’s general policy cover to cover and still not understand specifically why your account has been suspended or what these terms mean.

There is no step-by-step guide for a general business to understand the suspension system.

The best advice is to act fast and consult an expert.

There will be costs and fees to pay but the most important thing is to have your Google Ads Account reinstated immediately.