Wheeler International Fulfilment and Marketing Services.

Recommended to eCommerce Brands wanting to sell to buyers across Europe.

Wheeler International is an EU based Fulfilment and Marketing Company specialising in providing warehousing, fulfilment and marketing to clients outside the EU, in particular China, Switzerland and the UK.

Wheeler operates in modern warehouses with the best shipping couriers to keep shipping and fulfilment costs on budget. 

In conjunction with its sister company Alicante Studios, Wheeler combine their fulfilment services with quality and creative marketing and video productions from their 1000 sqm state of the art film studios.

Wheeler International offers an optimised and automated operation with advanced data management systems for European Fulfilment.

Wheeler International

The Wheeler International Story began in 1975.

Fulfilment is a 21st Century Business today.

As the Business World gets smaller and International Trade gets bigger with wonderful opportunities for young entrepreneurs and established brands alike a professional Fulfilment Service for E-Commerce Companies has become very important for World Trade.

Messy warehouses with outdated systems are things of the past, today with modern technology, expertise and cloud based fulfilment software Wheeler can offer a client the opportunity to build their brand with confidence and be very successful in Europe.

The Wheeler Fulfilment Centre is based in Alicante, Spain, close to major International Airports, High Speed Rail Stations and an infrastructure of brand new Motorways within close proximity of National Hubs.

Wheeler International offers an ideal and very affordable location to distribute to all 44 countries in Europe, North Africa and Russia.

Wheeler is different from every other Fulfilment Company.

Yes, Wheeler operate a successful, professional and modern fulfilment service, but combined with their in house sister company Alicante Studios, they offer a marketing and Video production service called the Total Package.

The Total Package is Fulfilment, Advertising and Marketing for one fixed monthly fee.

If you have a product to launch into the European Market Wheeler will arrange the Importation, Warehousing, E-Commerce Platform, Marketing, Video and Photography to sell the product and then finally deliver the product efficiently to your buyers.

Why Choose Wheeler International.

Experience, Success, Contacts, Facilities, Creative Talent.

Wheeler International knows how to run a successful E-Commerce Store, they know and understand how to get a product to market, they understand the problems of fulfilment, so no matter where you are on your journey, no matter what your objectives are, Wheeler has the solutions.

Wheeler International takes very good care of everything with their fixed price Total Package Service.

If you want to learn more about the cost saving Total Package Service go to or contact Wheeler International at

Or, visit our premises and experience for yourself the opportunities that Wheeler can create for you with the Total Package Service.

Wheeler International