What exactly is a EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Service.

What does a EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centre Do?

Basically, a EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centre is a very large warehouse with offices that stores products for E-Commerce Retailers in the EU.

When the E-Commerce Retailer receives an order the warehouse staff will collect the sold product from the warehouse and prepare it for dispatch and delivery to the buyer.

The process is commonly known as pick and pack. 

A courier is instructed to collect the item from the Fulfilment Centre and deliver it to the customer.

How do EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centres Operate.

EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centres Operate in simple In and Out Assignments.

The In Assignment is the unloading of products which are normally from containers filled with products from China and other Manufacturing Countries.

The products are then stored safely in the warehouse in clearly defined areas ready for the pick and pack process.

There is also a process for Returns.

It is very rare but a product occasionally will be returned and then the warehouse staff are responsible for unpacking the item, inspecting the item and storing it away for resale or returning to the manufacturer.

What is the cost of  EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centres?

EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centres have different pricing plans.

They will include the total amount of warehousing space a retailer needs for the stock of products.

A nominal cost per product sold during a month and whatever other services the retailer needs from the Fulfilment Company.

What makes the Wheeler International EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centre Different?

The most attractive aspects of the Wheeler International  EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centre is the professional service provided, the attractive cost of the service packages and the flexibility allowing retailers to up scale their sales immediately without any problems.

The costs are very relevant and due to the location of the Distribution Centre and the Modern Transport Infrastructure the Wheeler International Warehousing and Delivery Charges overall are the lowest in Western Europe.

Real Time cloud based software optimises and accelerates delivery scheduling with personalised tracking information and direct communication with the courier for the customer.

When a Retailer has a Hot Selling Product Line and they need to maximise their sales,  the Wheeler International EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centre has the flexibility to accommodate these massive peaks in storage requirements.

Why choose the Wheeler International EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Centre.

The Wheeler International story started in 1975.

Choose Wheeler International because we are very experienced in providing positive solutions.

For our UK Clients who have a thriving EU Customer Base that has been impacted very badly by Brexit we have a simple cost effective solution.

Direct importation into the EU of their products with warehousing at Alicante at a fractions of their UK warehousing and staff costs, plus further attractive cost cutting charges with delivery to the EU buyers, With their products already in the EU final delivery to their EU based buyers is faster and cheaper.

For our clients who want to launch a new product in Europe Wheeler International offers a direct importation service, warehousing and delivery service to the buyers.

In addition to the fulfilment service Wheeler International offers a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Service with Platforms to promote a clients Products and Brand from their sister company Alicante Studios

Want to know more about the Wheeler International EU Legal Entity E-Commerce Fulfilment Service?

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