How can Chinese E-Commerce Companies benefit from trading in the EU?

EU Legal Entity and Fulfilment from Wheeler International is the Gateway to Europe.

There are no barriers for Chinese E-Commerce companies in the EU.

Chinese E-Commerce Companies establishing a presence in the EU have benefited from the EU Legal Entity and Fulfilment service from Wheeler International 

China and the EU have maintained diplomatic relations for over 40 years now. 

Cooperation between China and the EU in Trade Affairs has accelerated in recent years, and with the fulfilment services of Wheeler International many Chinese companies have established a presence and thrived in the EU.

Chinese E-Commerce Companies understand that Europe is an important strategic base for economical development.  

Chinese E-Commerce Brands are very welcome to Europe and especially in Spain where the economic benefits of Chinese Investment have improved employment prospects.

Chinese Companies employ locally and the knock on effect has had a positive effect on Spanish local industries and Spanish people’s livelihood. 

Chinese Companies have become integrated into the Spanish local communities and are contributing to the Spanish local development.

The success of Chinese E-Commerce Companies with the fulfilment services of Wheeler International has encouraged Chinese Manufacturers to establish in Europe. 

Chinese E-Commerce Businesses have a definite and successful future in Europe with the fulfilment services of Wheeler International.   

Wheeler International offers a Barriers-Free European Market of 500 million potential consumers for Chinese E-Commerce Companies.

There are no restrictions and low tariffs for commercial products from China into Europe.

The fulfilment services of Wheeler International for Chinese E-Commerce Brands increases their efficiency and profitability. 

Small, medium and major sized Chinese Companies can development their specific brands in Europe without restrictions or obstacles with the Legal Entity and the Fulfilment services of Wheeler International.

Chinese E-Commerce Companies

There exists positive communication between Europe and China at every political level to promote the development of Chinese companies in Europe.

European Media and the public opinion have a positive impression and respect for China.

The fulfilment services of Wheeler International have grown due to mutual cooperation and trust.

For nearly five decades Wheeler has been involved with Companies from around the world, and for the past 20 years exclusively in China.    

Wheeler has an understanding and respect for the Chinese Business Culture and recognises that the globalisation of Chinese and European Enterprises is of enormous benefit to the Economic Development of China and the EU.

The Fulfilment Services of Wheeler International promote a Mutually Beneficial Cooperation and Long-Term Business Relationships with China. 

Wheeler does more than just make contacts with the Chinese E-Commerce Companies they provide fulfilment services for, Wheeler regularly visits the factories in China and have opened an office in Hong Kong as consistent communication and regular meetings are crucial for the expansion and development of their clients success in the EU.

Wheeler Fulfilment provides a low cost entry to the EU for Chinese E-Commerce Companies to sell their products directly to consumers in the second largest market in the world.

The Wheeler Fulfilment Service includes importation and customs clearance, warehousing, promoting, retailing and finally delivering to the 500 million potential buyers in Europe.

Wheeler International is ready for your call or email and offers you an open invitation to visit our facilities in Europe.

Chinese E-Commerce Companies