Europe Needs Chinese Products. Europe Needs Chinese Commerce. Europe Welcomes Chinese Companies.

The relationship between Europe and China is very strong with a genuine feeling of Bonhomie.

Europe is the second largest market in the world.

It is marginally smaller to the US in size.

But Europe is first in terms of wanting Chinese Products, Chinese Trade and Chinese Companies.

Rising US Tariffs and bad feelings appear to be getting worse between China and the US.

There are more positive and profitable opportunities for Chinese Companies in Europe.

Chinese Companies

Wheeler Fulfilment is the Gateway for Chinese Trade in Europe.

With developing online-fulfilment technology, expansion into Europe for Chinese Companies is possible with Wheeler Fulfilment.

It is feasible for Chinese Companies to be selling a thousand products each day. Even for small start-ups rapid expansion is possible..

Wheeler Fulfilment Services are the key for Chinese Companies to access the second biggest market in the world, the massive 500 million European Market.

Partnering with Wheeler Fulfilment in Europe allows Chinese Companies to successfully expand into the European Channels where their products are most successfully sold.

Chinese Companies can take advantage of Amazon, Etsy, EBay and other popular platforms in Europe in conjunction with Wheeler Fulfilment´s own platform Yugo Prime.

Chinese Companies

Speed to Market with Wheeler Fulfilment.

Be the first to market with a new product. 

Create a fresh update on a popular product. 

Under cut a successful product to be price competitive. 

These are all options to take the fast route to market for Chinese Companies, and Wheeler Fulfilment will make these opportunities a reality for their Chinese clients.

The Top Priority for Wheeler Fulfilment is to give Chinese Companies every advantage in Europe.

Speed to the European Market is essential for Chinese Companies and therefore one of our top priorities at Wheeler Fulfilment. 

The most difficult challenge for Chinese Companies is how to be successful whilst also being flexible and adaptive to the dynamic, volatile and changing Western European Business Environment, and Wheeler Fulfilment have the experience and are available 24-7 to help overcome these difficulties. 

Wheeler Fulfilment have 50 years of experience in Europe and the benefits from our business contacts, logistics, advertising and marketing knowledge are available and at hand 24-7 to Chinese Companies.

To build a new EU Company, to identify and capitalise on opportunities, to navigate around risks and other challenges, and to respond quickly to changes in the environment is crucial to a Chinese Company expanding into Europe and Wheeler Fulfilment are with you to help you succeed.

Control Expenditure. No Expensive Storage and Warehousing. No Expensive Contacted Staff. No Waste. Pay only For What You Need On A Fixed Monthly Cost.

To start with a Chinese Company may only require a small area of warehousing especially if the products are small or the business is a start up.

However, when the business grows and becomes more successful into a bigger entrepreneurial venture it will require additional facilities and bigger physical space.

The flexibility of Wheeler Fulfilment will allow you to grow on a strictly as you need it basis. 

Adopting this economical strategy will ensure success and avoid financial problems.

Wheeler Fulfilment Services in Europe allows Chinese Brands to concentrate on what they do best, quality manufacturing, and allow Wheeler Fulfilment to manage the rest,  allowing the Business and Profits to flow without any major problems.

Chinese Companies

Wheeler Fulfilment gives Access to China the Huge European Market with Low Tariffs, No Border Barriers and a Safe and Secure Environment.

The EU  and China are two of the biggest and most respected traders in the world.

There exists a Long Term Trade and Investment Agreement between China and Europe that is built on a foundation of honour, mutual trust and friendship.

The EU is China’s largest trading partner and China’s ownership of EU Companies is growing fast through Wheeler Fulfilment Services.

Chinese Companies are highly valued and respected in Europe.

Wheeler Fulfilment knows how to help Chinese Companies be successful in Europe.